Our extreme duty cable design puts the “X” in the “HDx”.  Over one year in development and testing.  By utilizing state-of-the-art “Extreme Durable Industrial” wire, we have bent and flexed this cable over 7.5 Million times without failure. Engineered to withstand mechanical abuse such as vibration, crushing, and impact; our extreme cable also provides excellent cut-through, tear, and abrasion characteristics; combined with resistance to low temperatures, moisture, oils, and many industrial fluids.  But thats not all, the new CncGcoder®HDx cable’s design is also ergonomically superior allowing for smaller footprint, reduced wire strain, and increased operator comfort.

The best CNC serial cable, Period!

CncGcoder HD Extreme Cable Details

Our Exclusive Extreme Duty Cable

Flexible USB Support

    CncGcoder®HD-TU is a complete package with all the same great features and benefits as the previous CncGcoder®HD packages with some additional new features to make any size machine shop more productive.  For more information please see the CncGcoder®HD-TU page by clicking here.

     Standard on the CncGcoder®HDx model is a USB input jack.  Working together with the Windows CE operating system, the USB jack opens up a whole world of expansion possibilities to the CncGcoder user.  Expand your CncGcoder’s storage with popular inexpensive USB flash/pen/stick drives, USB external hard disks, USB floppy drives, and other flash card readers such as “Compact Flash” and Sony “memory sticks”.  Also supported are USB network adapters, USB keyboards and mice, and even barcode scanners.

NOTE: no USB devices are included with package.

All HD models Upgradable

     Existing CncGcoder®HD users can upgrade to the CncGcoder®HDx benefits by purchasing an CncGcoder®HDx extreme duty cable to replace their current RS232 cable.  Please call for more details.

Updated 2/22/2017