Never need to worry about available memory on your CNC again.  Store your G-Code programs on your PC and then use your CncGcoder®HD-TU to transfer the programs to your CNC when needed. (up to 1 MB per transfer is supported)     

    By displaying the program on the unit’s screen, you can be sure it is the correct the first time.  No time is wasted running to and from the computer to check what is being transferred.  You can just walk up to the machine and start communications.

Use as a Productivity Tool

CncGcoder® HD-TU

Product Details

Use to Store and Transfer G-Code Programs

Use to Backup G-Code Programs

Use to Edit G-Code Programs

Use to Manage G-Code Programs

From the smallest job shops to the largest production lines, the CncGcoder®HD-TU is a useful tool for any size machine shop.  The built-in Office and PDF support allows you to manage all of your shop floor data including: G-Code files, Process Sheets, Part Prints, Setup Instructions, Machine Manuals, SPC Data, Tooling Lists, and Fixture Photos.  Save time and money by reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity.  You can spend more time using your machines than programming them.

     Never lose a program when your CNC goes down.  Use the CncGcoder® to backup your CNC’s memory and parameters so you are able to reload the CNC when it is running again.

    Reduce downtime when your DNC network goes down.  While you are waiting for the network to be repaired, use the CncGcoder® to transfer program to your machine and keep it cutting. 

    No need to run back to your computer to make simple program changes.  You can use the CncGcoder® to make quick program edits right in front of your CNC.  The built-in numeric keyboard makes it easy to change speeds, feeds, or even program numbers on the shop floor.  You can make your changes and send the new program to the CNC in seconds.

    Never have difficulty finding the right program again.  File management has been simplified with the CncGcoder®.  The G-Code programs can be saved saved with descriptive names as PC formatted files.  These files can then be organized into any number of folders or directories. 

    The unit also supports CF and SD flash cards for limitless memory capabilities. 




Updated 2/22/2017